HERMOSA Thread lift is a revolutionary new treatment in the world of aesthetics

Distributed COGS

Double effect on collagen stimulation


V-Shaped Face

Bi-Directional Cogs

  • After numerous studies, we were able to create a solid thread that includes all the necessary qualities for effective lifting
  • HERMOSA Hard has unique asymmetric structure which allows to effectively reach the desired result.
  • Evenly distributed barbs around the threads is most important aspect of producing high quality lifting threads.
  • To keep the necessary thickness of the thread we have distributed the barbs around the thread in 360° in the grip part of the thread and 180° in the retention part.
  • In order to get the best lifting results, we have separated grip and retention parts on our threads
HERMOSA Nose was specially designed nose threads, which are placed under the skin during the procedure, they act like a scaffolding structure to life the nose bridge and nose tip. Strongly effective to improve the appearance of the nose
  • The unique structure of the HERMOSA Nose threads will effectively grip the skin and lift it to the desired direction
  • The procedure is so quick and minimally invasive which allows to keep the natural look even after lifting
The new model with Bi-directional cog inside of the needle and dense coiled cog outside stimulates two times more collagen production
  • It is time to Say NO! to Marionette lines. HERMOSA Mild threads are the fastest and most effective way to get rid of those lines
  • While our Mild threads were designed for thick skin use, Mild threads are designed for the thin skin
  • We managed to develop the most effective and perfect lifting threads to eliminate forehead wrinkles
  • We do care about our product quality and the best way to show it is Modern and Beautifully designed package.
  • MONO threads are absorbable and safe to use.
  • After insertion of the threads, human immune system reacts to it and starts to create collagen
  • Collagen stimulation helps to achieve the tightening effect
  • Together with collagen, human skin produces elastin which improves the skin elasticity
  • Newly produced collagen and elastin will help to restore the young face