Esthetic Vaginal Filler for Women
HERMOSA Her’ promises you a youthful and satisfying sex life.
The Esthetic Vaginal (EV) Filler treatment is a safe procedure without harm to the human body. When the EV filler is injected into the vaginal mucosa, the wrinkles on the vaginal wall can be restored to improve the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. Conventional esthetic vaginal surgery has the potential to cause damage to blood vessels and nerves, However, the EV Filler treatment is excellent for maintaining the sexuality of women because there is no such risks.

Not a surgery

Little pain and no scar remains

Safe and effective

Protects women’s sexuality without vaginal vascular and nerve damage

Treatment time is only 10~15 mins

You can have sexual intercourse after a week of EV Filler surgery.
Advantage of HERMOSA Her EV Filler
  • Hermosa Her is a proven product that has been officially approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).
  • Hermosa Her’ is superior in durability and volume maintenance due to its higher density and crosslinking rate than the regular HA filler used on the face.
  • Hermosa Her helps the collagen regeneration of the injected area and maintain a natural voluminous feel for a long time.
A Person who need HERMOSA Her
  • A Person with phobia of surgery
  • A person who does not have the time to treat in a busy daily life
  • A person who wants a more satisfying sex life
  • A person whose sexuality has decreased because of the increase in vagina due to birth, etc
  • A person who wants a quick recovery after treatment
  • A person who does not want to inform to spouse about the treatment