Vella in

Easy to Use Disposable Ferninine Cleanser, which uses a disposable container for individual packaging, It can be used anytime and anywhere without water.

Dermal Filler With Lidocaine

The HERMOSA is one of the leading product of anti-aging specification hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Thin-wall needle enables smooth injection which reduces patient’s discomfort during the procedure.


Magician plumps up the top layers of skin to smooth out wrinkles. It helps with Acne and tightens and reduces the appearance of pores and works on all skin types across the board.

Hermosa revitalize your beauty.
with Lidocaine
Correction to Under Eye Circles
Esthetic Vaginal Filler for Women
Pure Hyaluronan Essence
Disposable Feminine Hygienic
Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler
with Lidocaine
The HERMOSA is one of the leading product of anti-aging specification hyaluronic acid dermal filler.
Product Soft Mild Hard
Appearance Transparent and clear gel
Contents Cross-linked hyaluronic acid in buffer solution
Concentration 24 mg / ml (2.4% w/v)
Lidocaine 3 mg / ml (0.3% w/v)
Volume 1.0ml
Needles 2 x 30G TW 2 x 27G TW 2 x 27G TW
Storage 1~30℃, Do not freeze.
Available without lidocaine
Needle size is subject to change without notice.
Frown lines
Crow’s feet
Perioral lines
Cheek volume
Forehead lines
Nasal augmentation
Nasolabial folds
Chin& facial oval
1. Volume Effect and Retention
The uniform sized hyaluronic acid particles with optimal viscoelasticity can maintain a long-lasting volume.
2. Safe to Use on Patients
HERMOSA is safe to use on patients due to low level of endotoxin and essentially no BDDE residue.
3. Easy Procedural Operation
The ergonomically-designed rod and grip allow the even distribution of pressure during injection to
enable an accurate and safe treatment for both the clinician and the patient.
4. Highly Pure Hyaluronic Acid
HERMOSA implements a strict quality control system through direct involvement in the entire production
process from the base material of hyaluronic acid to the final product.
5. Global Standard Quality Control
To guarantee the quality of HERMOSA, strictly fulfills an complies with the international quality regulations, including KGMP, ISO 13485.
Thin-wall Needle
Thin-wall needle enables smooth injection which reduces patient’s discomfort during the procedure
Correction to Under – Eye Circles
HERMOSA Royal is optimized to the treatment of under-eye circles with a ideal semi-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The rheological properties were specially optimized to the under-eye circles area. The low absorption and expansion rate with middle to low viscoelasticity reduce the swelling rate.
Optimized Characterization
Middle to low viscoelasticity – High spreading performance
– Easy to injection and positioning
Low absorption rate – Low pressure on the tissue
– Reduce of edema and swelling
Simple solution to brighten the dark impression
  • Simple procedure without incision
  • Easy treatment with short procedure time
  • Little swelling after treatment
  • Microbolus technique with needle
  • Retrograde technique with cannula
Esthetic Vaginal Filler for Women
HERMOSA Her’ promises you a youthful and satisfying sex life.
The Esthetic Vaginal (EV) Filler treatment is a safe procedure without harm to the human body. When the EV filler is injected into the vaginal mucosa, the wrinkles on the vaginal wall can be restored to improve the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. Conventional esthetic vaginal surgery has the potential to cause damage to blood vessels and nerves, However, the EV Filler treatment is excellent for maintaining the sexuality of women because there is no such risks.

Not a surgery

Little pain and no scar remains

Safe and effective

Protects women’s sexuality without vaginal vascular and nerve damage

Treatment time is only 10~15 mins

You can have sexual intercourse after a week of EV Filler surgery.
Advantage of HERMOSA Her EV Filler
  • Hermosa Her is a proven product that has been officially approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).
  • Hermosa Her’ is superior in durability and volume maintenance due to its higher density and crosslinking rate than the regular HA filler used on the face.
  • Hermosa Her helps the collagen regeneration of the injected area and maintain a natural voluminous feel for a long time.
A Person who need HERMOSA Her
  • A Person with phobia of surgery
  • A person who does not have the time to treat in a busy daily life
  • A person who wants a more satisfying sex life
  • A person whose sexuality has decreased because of the increase in vagina due to birth, etc
  • A person who wants a quick recovery after treatment
  • A person who does not want to inform to spouse about the treatment
Pure Hyaluronan Essence
Magician (Pure Hyaluronan Serum) is Serum which contain Pure Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight compounds. The serum plumps up the top layers of skin to smooth out wrinkles. It helps with Acne and tightens and reduces the appearance of pores. It works on all skin types across the board.
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a common ingredient in skin-care products. HA is used as a Dermal Filler in cosmetic surgery. HA has many kind of molecular weight High and low molecular weight is used common 1% HA solution is a special ingredient for moisturizing.
Key of Magician
  • Woman’s secret weapon
  • Boost skin’s moisture level
  • Maintaining skin’s moisture level
  • 1% HA solution is special ingredient
How to Use
Use with your cream, lotion or skin. Recommended Ratio will be 1 : 3 ( Magician Cosmetics) Use only Magician is permitted.
Disposable Feminine Hygienic
Vella In is a desposable feminine hygienic gel cleaner containing natural ingrdients. You can use Vella In wherever without water. It can help keep clean and pH balance in vagina.
What is Vella In?
  • Disposable Feminine Hygienic Care
  • One Push Type
  • Colorless and Odorless
  • Moisturizing
  • Not need to wash
  • Easy to use anytime and anywhere
A person who need Vella In
  • Frequently use swimming pools, saunas and outdoors
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes
  • Want to keep cleanliness anytime and anywhere
  • Look for a safe, Pure and unstimulated feminine care
How to Use
  • Afterwashing hands, open the individual wrapper.
  • Take out the applicator and then open the protective cap.
  • Press the plunger to squeeze the gel into vagina.
  • Put the applicator back into the individual wrapper and then throw it into the bin.
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